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About Us

AK PROJECTS provides unparalleled customer service, including personal job status updates throughout your project from the owner himself.

AK PROJECTS is a well-established company that started off in 2001 by a single individual and has grown to a workforce of approximately 35 people, excluding sub-contractor employees (which include registered electricians and plumbers). Staff is skilled, and experts at what they do. In addition, professional Architects and Engineers are engaged in all projects, and…

We liaise directly with the respective Municipalities. the Company has established many reliable relationships with customers, suppliers, service providers, municipalities, and relevant professionals over the years. Sound knowledge of the market improves the Company’s competitive position.

The goal is never the quantity of projects but rather to achieve projects of quality. The Company is customer driven and ensures customer satisfaction is guaranteed

AK Projects

AK PROJECTS specialty lays in the construction (from foundation to roof, including finishes), repair, refurbishments, additions and alteration of private residential developments and industrial complexes. AK PROJECTS provides the highest dedication and care for each job taken on. Personal job status updates are given to every client throughout the building process. From high-end homes to small remodeling jobs, AK PROJECTS is the only call you need to make to find the services you are looking for. AK PROJECTS is recognized by the National Home Builders Registration Council (NHBRC).

Our Vision

We aspire to be the best construction company, reaching and exceeding your expectations.
We offer quality workmanship, efficient delivery, and cost-effective options whilst not compromising on quality and service delivery.

Our Mission

To strive for excellence by ensuring premium quality products, processes and techniques are utilized. AK PROJECTS pledges to ensure a skilled and competent workforce is used and ensuring safety compliances are met.
Customer satisfaction is our focus.

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